Broadway Zero

Energy Development

On 37th and Broadway we are building 4 zero energy townhouses in late 2017. These homes like all of Sacramento Urban Works developments will be solar powered zero energy homes. Meaning they will produce as much clean solar power as they consume saving owners thousands of dollars annually. In addition they will have roof top gardens and smart home features.

Rooftop Garden

With our city of trees, it would be a shame not to have beautiful views of our city.  That is why we created a large rooftop garden that is approximately 700 square feet.  Our rooftop gardens are included with NO additional expensive upgrade 😉


Solar Powered

We design our roofs to be ideal solar power generating stations. Our shed type roofs are ideal for solar because it allows us to meet stringent city and state requirements while still allowing enough space for a large solar electric system that can, and will eliminate your electricity bill. In addition there is a 30% solar tax credit that comes along with your solar electric system!


Smart Home Features

The power of your home in the palm of your hand. Use your smartphone to control your home and make sure your family is safe.

Thousands of dollars will be spent on electricity costs over one’s lifetime and our goal at Sacramento Urban Works is to reduce this cost to zero.


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